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The school days of an Indian girl September 10, 2006

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     The section of the book “The school days of an Indian girl” eloquently narrates through the writer’s own experience severe reality of time when Native American peoples were confronted with implacable actions of “palefaces” to change their unique way of life.

     The story starts with first troubles in the beginning journey. “Bronzed children” felt humiliation and hostility of other people in a train. Small girl could find calm, watching telegraph poles that reminded her mother’s dwelling.

     Describing short episodes, such as snow incident and scene with the cutting of her and other girls hair, the author tells us about bitter fate of Indian children. Their natural and naive amusements as a funny sport in the snow were suppressed by adults. “During the first two or three seasons misunderstandings as this one of snow episode frequently took place, bringing unjustifiable frights and punishments into our lives.” writes Zitcala-Sa.

     They were too young preys to violent attempts of white society to extirpate alient culture and beliefs. Consequently, children’s indignity, engendering by being separated from their mothers, partly transformed to rebellion. Even thought this manifestation of revenge was unavailing, small girls could feel satisfaction during some moments.



1. umei - September 10, 2006

hi here is aziz ,,

i dont know actually who you are you might forget to put your name ,but I really like the summary you wrote about the story from your view.

see you in monday & take care

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